The types of project we work on requires a wide range of skills. Below details some of the types of skills we offer :-

  • Electronic circuit prototype design
  • Specialized LED fixture design and build
  • Gas tight though panel electrical connections (Mil-DTL-38999 Series III)
  • Control Panel layout and design
  • Interactive touch screen programming
  • 3D printing prototype design and print
  • Micro processor programming
  • PCB design and manufacture
  • Theatre Practical design and build
  • BS7907 Temporary Electrical Installation certification
  • Electro luminescent (EL) panel and wire installation
  • LED Auditorium Lighting installation (ETC ArcSystem)
  • Production Electrician for Theatre and Concert Touring

The past projects have involve :-

  • Interactive Exhibit design and implementation
  • Off-grid & Automotive Electrical system design, including solar storage
  • Theatre Installation
  • 7″ Touch Panel video controller
  • Temperature testing chamber controller system with data logger
  • Media server interface for pixel addressed LED strip (WS2812 IC’s)
  • Internal LED Illumination for inflatables
  • Flir Duo Thermal Camera (IR) control & record system

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